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Isolating Process

Isolating process, is used to prevent any further damages caused to your timber while it's waiting to be sealed or to isolate areas and things from getting dust into and onto them, during the floor sanding process. 

During or before a floor sanding process, owners / project supervisors should:

Isolation Process is very time consuming and costly when you use the right protective materials

Wood is Unique  :

Wood is a living raw material. Individual and special.  Choose the right timber for you home to create living spaces where you and your guests will feel at home.  For a pleasant atmosphere and that unique feeling of warmth and comfort.

Quality Craftsmanship since 1951

UV Isolation

Coating Isolation

UV Isolation :

Protecting your timber floor from excess heat - fast drying and prtecting you fresh coating from excess UV radiation is essential in extreme conditions.

Coating Isolation :

To protect areas from unwanted coatings and spillages.  Blue "M3-ScotchGuard" isolating tape is recommended for easy removal and No adheasion residue.


Dust Isolation

Dust Isolation :

Sealing off areas where people do not wish to have any dust.

Floor Isolation

Floor Isolation :

Protecting the timber floors after installs, after sealant coats or between project stages.

Fireplace Isolation

Furniture / Blinds Isolation

Fireplace Isolation :

Clean out all rubbish, dust and ash from area before sealing off any fireplace openings to prevent air movements in the house and from dislodging dust particles. 

Protecting you important assets


Quality Craftsmanship since 1951

Stain Isolation

Stain Isolation :

Protecting sorrounding wall areas from colouring tints applied to the floor is essential.


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