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Removing timber coverings can be a difficult, time consuming and not to mention risky process. You need to utilize the right equipment with highly experienced individuals to get the job done right. This will ensure your floor has the best possible chance of becoming a high quality, long lasting asset to your house and/or commercial premise.

At Polaco Craftsmanship Floors, we specialise in three removal processes associated with Timber Floor Projects, and they are:

  1. Carpet - Underlay & Carpet Tacks [including Nails & Staples] Removal
  2. Linoleum [informally abbreviated to "Lino"] / Vinyl Removal
  3. Black Glue Removal


Removal Processes

CARPET - UNDERLAY & CARPET TACKS [including Nails & Staples] REMOVAL

STEP 1 : Carpets & Underlay are Strip Cut, then folded or rolled

STEP 2 : Carpet Tacks, nails & staples are removed

STEP 3 : All rubbish is then bagged in plastic bags for easy disposal


Linoleum & Vinyl is a floor covering made from renewable materials.  It is still used today because of its high durability and easy maintenance.  It is installed by effectivelly attaching it, using strong adheasives to either Masonite or Timber Direct.

Masonite™ Underlay is for use over strip timber,particleboard and plywood floors to provide a flat,uniform, indent resistant base for resilient sheet and tile floor coverings including flexible and semirigid PVC, cork, rubber, linoleum and cushioned vinyl.


Black Glue Sanding refers to Sanding off any Vinyl / Lino AND/OR any other adheasives from Timber Flooring.  It is an time consuming and expensive process due to the large amounts of materials being used to remove those adheasive residues, because while being sanded, the adheasive residues heat up and melt and in turn clocg up the sanding equipment. 

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Bringing out the best in wooden floors

At Polaco Craftsmanship Floors,we love timber. Enhancing and preserving the natural beauty of timber has been our aim since our beggining in 1951.   

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