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FloorSanding Process :

FloorSandingProcess :

Floor sanding is the process of removing the top surfaces of a wooden floor by sanding with abrasive materials. Many old floors are also sanded after the previous coverings are removed and suitable wood is found hidden beneath. Floor sanding involves three stages: Preparation, Sanding, and Coating & Seven steps of floor sanding.


Nail Punch

Timber Filler

Cross-Sanding & Sanding


Cornering & Scrapping

HandBuffing & Buffing

Coating Application

All nails must be punched in in order to stabilise the timber floor, allow for new filler and protect the sanding equipment.

All nails holes are then be filled.  Timber Filler is also used where boards end and never between boards in the tounge and groove area, as furhter shrinkage, expansion will crack the filler.

Sanding of timber Floor Boards and Cross-Sanding to clean & level out any cupping or unevenness in the boards. Transition where boards meet at tongue and groove must be as level as possible.

Edging or Edge sanding  involves sanding the perimeter areas where the belt or drum sander was unable to reach & to eliminate stopping marks of the heavier sanding machines.

This process eliminates the halfmoon sanding effect of the Edging process and is also further used to eliminate any hard to reach places where sanding is needed.

Hand buffing & Buffing, eliminates any other previous machine marks and is also used to fine sands the timber before the coating stage, further eliminating any raised grain.

Coating stage seals the timber floor, building a protective coating, that will last for years to come.  Beautifying the timber while protecting it from dirt and grime.  Further cutback of the grain / Buffing should be done between each dry coat, to eliminate any dirt and smooth out the surface.

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